Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby, I'm Gettin' Better Single out now!

Alrighty friends of Gyroscope, whatever you might be up to as you receive this message, we hope you've been enjoying some sweet Gyroscope tunes, whether it be at a show on the Cohesion Tour or on the album Cohesion itself.

We thought we would take this brief but very exciting moment to advise you that the blistering new single from Cohesion, "Baby, I'm Gettin' Better" is now making quite a a hefty impact on peoples ears all over the country. So go on, don't deprive yourself, you can buy it (along with the truly adorable video, watch it here if you don't believe us: www.youtube.com/gyroscope) right here, for only $1.69:

Oh, and while we're at it, here is something for all the lucky folks who made it down to the taping of the Channel V Live special in Wollongong last week. Beautiful (and very sweaty) photos can be viewed here in all their rockin' glory:

That's all, we're saving the rest of the news for next month. Stick around for the Cohesion Tour recap, new dates and much, much more.