Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby, I'm Eddie Vedder

Hey guys n gals...another blog installment from the beautiful field of Rock...

Things are going along famously nearing the end of the first week of pre-production...!
It's Friday night at 8:15pm and we're getting into the after dinner session in Studio 2 here, and even tho you guys may think all we do here is neck bottles of wine (well, we do kinda) but we mix that shit in with long hours in the studio goin over and over, and over, these songs til they're exactly how we want them. So far we're sorta decided on about 5 tracks that are definately runnin on the new record and we're feelin very bloody excited about this rock album!

And the funny thing about today is- that with every album we've made there's always a dark horse demo that we've had that we're either not 100% happy with, or that we feel simply doesn't rock as much as the other 30 or so songs that we've written (haha we have written a shit load really) but yeh, a song called Baby, I''m Gettin' Better took on some sort of new life force as we overhauled the track today in the studio with Producer/Mastermind Gil Norton and is feeling like a great rock song indeed. We are happy men.

But for now i gotta get back to work with my bros crafting this 4th album.
Good, good times.
(More wine, waiter please...anyone remember that tune?? haha)

A few snaps.

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