Monday, September 28, 2009


Well ladies n gentlemen, after 2 gruelling weeks of pre-production the studio has been completely re-modelled and set up for the onset of trackin- focusing on the drums it looks at the Robby will be under the microscope for the next week or 2!!

We are up to three extra chaps in the studio Gil our producer, Joe our engineers, Richo our assistant engineer and a pro tools genius starts today...more dudes working on this recrord than you can poke a stick at!! All good.

So to kick this week off, here's a few snaps of Raglan Castle in Wales. We had a spare 5 minutes from the studio the other day for sight seeing...amazing ruins dating back to the 1600's...! (p.s. there's always time for a bow and arrow gag in the Gyro camp! haha)

P.s. HUGE english band in the 70's called Mott the Hoople have been sharing the studios here with us as they've been warming up for reunion shows here in the UK...we had some wind up beers with them and their buddy Joe Elliot from Def Leppard (how good)..wishin those lads all the best with their upcommin shows. Not that they need it- those guys have been rockin out since before the Gyro boys we're twinkles in our parents eyes. Haha.

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