Sunday, September 13, 2009

We almost didn't make it to Wales!!!

Our trip to Wales def didn't get off to the world's greatest start:) But after a few hiccups, namely our taxi breakin' down in the wet, gettin' stung by Qantas for a severe excess bill and having flight delays- we got drunk in Singapore, passed out on the way to London, drove to Wales, got drunk again in Monmouth and made some awesome new friends in the lovely people at Rockfield...this is gunna be a great and memorable 8 weeks!
Can't wait to get into pre-production (a fancy word for ironing out our song ideas n demos:) first thing tomm- tho i have a feeling the fun's gunna stop (for a little while) and we're gunna be workin our already skinny arses to the bone!! Bring dat shit on:)

More soon.



  1. Aye Freeekin Qantas shoulda come seen me i work at the airport i woulda lets yas off thats bullshit!

  2. haha, the great aussie spirit!.. getting drunk whenever possible