Sunday, September 6, 2009


Hey there guys n gals…welcome to one of the first instalments of blogging and general crappin’ on, @ the new Gyroscope blog site! Exciting uh?? Well im here to talk to you about Gyroscope and our love for rock n’ roll & tattoos. And vice versa.

As we all know, tattoos (or tuff stickers if you will) have long been closely associated with Rock n Roll amongst other things. You might say they go togther like emo music and eyeliner, pointy shoes & vests, or perhaps even Macgyver and a sticky situation.

Tattoos, in Rock n Roll form (ie. A tatt of your favourite band’s logo or something associated with your music of choice) are a way of wearing you heart on your sleeve, or perhaps telling the world that you are the world’s biggest Guns N’ Roses fan without opening your mouth.

This blog came about after meeting a lot of folks on tour and around the way that shared a passion for Gyroscope enough to have something Gyroscope-related tattooed on their bodies. This is one of the greatest forms of flattery known to man, and you guys are more than amazing for sharing the passion we have for this band. What a MASSIVE compliment!! Holy shit.

In fact- Dan and I in the beginnings of Gyroscope shared a similar passion for a couple of our favourite band’s enough to have their logos tattooed on our own bodies way back when. We we’re both broke, and on the dole, and on-and-off tour when we scraped togther enough dough to get inked.

I had a friend of mine in Perth, Ben Frichot design a Shag-inspired Rocket From the Crypt piece for the back of my left arm, and Dan had the Alkline Trio Skull Heart Design (incidentally designed by Tom Gabel from Against Me!’s wife Heather Gabel as Alkaline Trio’s chief merch designer) inked inside his left wrist.

And In fact- the cat from my Rocket from the Crypt Tattoo become the unofficial Gyroscope logo for the band over the next few years, and folks we were meeting we’re having that cat tattooed on their own bodies! Crazy huh??:) very awesome.

As we are getting close to the end of this tattoo blog, we’d like to introduce you all to our fearless and courageous and DEDICATED manager Rae, who on her travels throughout the world decided that she was not only dedicated enough to manage our band (a 25 hour a day, 8 days a week position!!) but she also became the 5th member of Gyro (for life) when having her own piece of Gyroscope tattooed on her arm!

A word from Rae…

I got my Gyroscope tat in New York City. I was there shortly after Breed Obsession went to #1 in March 2008. It was a major event for the band (and me) and I wanted to remember it forever. I like this tat cause it’s definitely a Gyroscope, but it’s not obvious or common either!”

Leg-end much??? Hell yeah.

That about sums up my Tatt blog for this week, more Gyro tattoo stories from more of our friends very soon….by the way, if you have any photos of your own Gyroscope tattoos, feel free to email them thru to us with a short story of what it means to you, and we’ll get you up on dis here site to show off your art! Email us here @

Much love and Respekt,

Zok & Gyro.

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  1. wicked! by the way in the fifth paragraph, you forgot the 'e' in 'together', and also you put an apostrophe in were, making it we're which doesn't male sense because that means 'we are'

    I'm not sure if you did this on purpose, but you put a 'k' instead of a 'c' in 'respect'.