Thursday, October 8, 2009

Back from Bristol, London, and back into work!!!

Hey what up crew...apologies for the lack of updates over the last's just that we've been busy as hell over here in the UK!! Besides working away in the studio for a comfortable 12 to 13 hours a day (these hours will get longer as we go along don't forget), we have been gettin around a little, takin' care of business n trying to enjoy ourselves a little... as they say 'All work and no play does something or watever or somethin??' Ya know what i mean?? Anyways..besides catching The Pixies' Doolittle show at Brixton Academy last night (cough cough haha...which was amazing by the way :) Rob has almost managed to knock off all his drum tracks, Brad has done half of his bass tracks or so, and Dan's dug into a couple rhythm guitars! Starting next week THO we'll be getting knee deep into all things guitars for a few weeks- thats where fun starts (for me anyways) then vocals, and all the extra fruits including piano! Did he say piano WTF? The list goes on, and damn there is still MUCH work to do! All good tho!

So here's some pics n vids of the 'going ons' around ere' lately at Rockfield in Wales!! 4 and a bit weeks to go still- feels a little like we're in the Big Brother house - but an all male version, so ah lets just say there's alot of bromance goin on!


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