Friday, October 16, 2009


Hey cool cats..!

We have a very special Tattoo update this week from one of our closest and oldest friends!
(Not old as in age, but for how long this great young man has been supporting our arses- this man literally put clothes on our back when we could barely afford to eat on tour.)

Introducing the great Mike Wargeant of Sydney!

Great story to Mike's first tattoo...

"STAY FOREVER" - This was the first tattoo I ever got, it was a day or two before my birthday, and from memory it was the day before Gyro’s first ever show at the Metro in Sydney... It was for “Safe Forever”... But this was before that song had been released and I had only heard it once, I thought the lyrics were Stay Forever, so I got that done... Oops for life I guess. But Dan (Sanders) was pumped on it, and changed the opening line of the bridge to Stay Forever for that show, and maybe one or two others... It’s been a while since then. But I love you guys for life.

"I'd wait for you, oh, I'd kill for you" - The lyrics from Mike's killer back piece are from Beware Wolf on Are You Involved. Very nice.

Cheers for the pics and the stories Warge!

Much love and respect from the Gyro crew.

Zok xo

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