Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brad and Zok's Excellent Adventure

Well, for the first time in 7 weeks we had our first 2 day weekend!! So Zok and I decided to hire ourselves a little automobile and go on a most excellent adventure through the countryside..

On Saturday we went down to check out the Welsh capitol, Cardiff.. It was pretty shitty weather, but we didn't care, we were just stoked to be surrounded by humans again!! Seriously, we have been living on the Rockfield farm surrounded by the same 8 people for the last 7 weeks so it was nice change.. Zok bought some sneakers, I bought a jacket and this made us happy.. We were also hanging out to play darts and snooker, and get some tattoos all at the same time, so when we stumbled upon this place, naturally we were 2 stoked gentlemen... haha!!

Anyway, we went home, ate some grub and went out for a beer at the local pub in Monmouth.. It wasn't bad except for the guy in a matching tracksuit giving us a bit of stick about our jeans.. Apparently our jeans were a bit tight for his liking so he let us know about it, haha.. Well, we complimented him on his fantastic blue matching tracksuit and I think he got confused and went and had a spew in the toilets, so we went home..

On Sunday we drove east to Bath in England.. Man, Bath is beautiful!!! Zok and I spent the day walking around checking out the local attractions.. We also found a little place called Caste Combe which is an old village just out of Bath.. here are some photos

After another great day the excellent adventure had to come to an end. So we drove home, ordered some indian takeaway, ate it, and called it a night. Zok got some rest for another big day of guitars.. Speaking of guitars, the songs are sounding amazing, things are really coming together now.. The boys on the 6 strings are absolutely shredding at the moment!! Nice one lads..

Well, there ya have it folks, till next time...

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