Friday, October 2, 2009

Hey Everyone,

Rob here coming to you from Album #4 recording HQ - Rockfield, Wales. Danny boy is currently tracking some sweet rhythm guitars so I thought I would take the time to let you all in on how the drums are looking and sounding.

So the first win in getting a great drum sound was getting Gil Norton our producer on board. The man simply knows what a great drum sound is in my opinion. He also has a great ear for knowing what is and isnt the right take. The 2nd win is having our fabulous engineer Joe Hirst around. He has a great ear for tuning and is always happy to try different snares and kick sounds until we are totally happy. We also have a shitload of gear which has been great. At last count there were

9 Snare drums
8 Crash Cymbals
5 Ride Cymbals
3 Hi Hats
and 1 beautiful Pearl Reference kit

Anyway why talk about when I can just show you...Check out the video below...Have a great weekend everyone. We are off to Bristol on our day off which should be fun. Gunna do a walking Banksy tour...

much love


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